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Kitchen decorated with Paper Illusion Travertine Terra Cotta 5813182 Dining Room decorated with Paper Illusion Hearthstone Creme and Bone 5807066 Home Office decorated with Paper Illusion Travertine Green and Red 5813181 Hall decorated with Paper Illusion Script Burnished Gold Dining Room decorated with Paper Illusion ScriptIllusion Cobalt Blue Game Room decorated with Paper Illusion Script Tuscan Red 5812295

Paper Illusion wallpaper is prepasted, washable, strippable, and peelable. The original version by Village, packaged in TRIPLE ROLLS, contains 85 square feet. The more recent version by Imperial, packaged in DOUBLE ROLLS, contains 56 square feet. The roll width on both versions is 20.5". Individual Samples are available on every pattern. Click images below for product details.

The Original PaperIllusion by Village

paper illusions hearthstone aquamarine 5815431 paper illusions hearthstone ocean 5815427 paper illusions hearthstone sky blue 5815428 paper illusions hearthstone bubble gum 5815426 paper illusions hearthstone camoflage lw32602 paper illusions hearthstone sunset 5815425
paper illusions hearthstone fresco green 5807067 paper illusions hearthstone granite 5810781 paper illusions hearthstone multi 5807065 paper illusions hearthstone cream bone 5807066 paper illusions hearthstone blush 5810780 paper illusions florentine marble stone 5812291 paper illusions florentine marble earth 5812292
paper illusions script cobalt blue 5812298 paper illusions script burnished gold 5812297 paper illusions script tuscan red 5812295 paper illusions script pearl cream 5812296 paper illusions script green apple 5815130 paper illusions script harvest gold 5812299
paper illusions travertine green red 5813181 paper illusions travertine powder room pink 5813185 paper illusions travertine red gold 5813184 paper illusions travertine french vanilla 5813180 paper illusions travertine terra cotta 5813182 paper illusions travertine carmel 5813183
paper illusions roman blue 5807072 paper illusions roman green 5807071 paper illusions roman champagne 5807070 paper illusions crepe bronze 5807075 paper illusions charcoal lw132600 paper illusions sunbaked lw132601
*Full 85 Square Foot Rolls are Still Available!

PaperIllusion by Imperial

paper illusions travertine hazelnut cream PL185650 french vanilla 5813180 paper illusions traverine potters clay PL185654 terra cotta 5813182 paper illusions travertine nutmeg PL185651 carmel 5813183 paper illusions script pomegranite PL185640 paper illusions script parchment PL185641 paper illusions burnished gold 5812297
paper illusions hearthstone river rock PL185623 paper illusions hearthstone toffee crunch PL185620 paper illusions hearthstone pebble PL185621 paper illusions florentine sandstone PL185630 paper illusions florentine cinnamon PL185631

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